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Frequently used features

Nextcloud is very similar to Dropbox or Google Drive, with the biggest difference that we respect your privacy.

And there's more! Nextcloud has many cool features, that aren't allways well known.

Files and Folders first

The obvious thing you can do with Nextcloud is store files like documents, photos and videos.

When you have the web interface open you can drag and drop files straight into the explorer window.

Click the + sign on the top of the screen to create a new folder (and start organizing your mess).

Click the '...' on the right side of every file or folder to rename, view details and more.

Click the share icon (just left from the '...' ) to share your file or folder as link with friends and family: you can set a password and/or expiration date for the link (or not).


Click the picture to enlarge (opens in a new tab)

Photos, videos and music

If you upload media files to Nextcloud, there is a neat organizer module that you can not only use to organize your photo's, but also to watch your videos on the go.

And a mobile app with auto upload

If you install the Nextcloud app on your phone (see downloads page) you can make use of the auto upload feature!

The app will detect important folders (like your camera roll) to enable for auto upload. If you do that, every time a new file is created in that folder (like when you take a selfie) is instantly uploaded to your Nextcloud, which allows you to be careless with your phone ;-).

  • In the mobile app, go to Settings
  • Choose Auto upload
  • Tap the cloud symbol to enable/disable auto upload for a folder
  • Tap the "tripple dots" on the top right to open the extra menu
    • Choose Set up a custom folder to add a folder that the app didn't detect
    • Choose a Local folder (a folder on your phone)
    • Choose a Remote folder (a folder in your Nextcloud account)
    • Optionally tweak the other settings
    • Tap Save

Nextcloud can do even more, head over the official documentation to find out what.