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Setup 2 Factor authentication

To secure your account even more, you can opt to configure 2 Factor authentication.

This way a hacker can not just guess your password, as he will also need access to the temporary code on your phone.

First, download FreeOTP+ (an Open Source improvement of Google Authenticator, with backup function):

Then follow next steps:

  • Log in to your oblak account.
  • On your profile page open the Keycloak App.
  • In the "Account Security" block, choose "signing in"
  • At the right bottom of the screen choose "Set up Authenticator Application"
  • A page displays a QR code, scan it with your FreeOTP+ app
  • On the same page, enter a device name in the "Device Name" field
  • Now enter the 6 digits that are displayed in the FreeOTP+ app in the "One-time code" field.
  • Click "Submit", and you're done.

When you log in again, you will have to enter the 6 digits from the app.

If you do not want to use it anymore for whatever reason, you back to the "signing in" page and click the "remove" butten right from your registered device.