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Terms of service

You are free to use our services as is. If you have questions about the services we operate you can reach out to us on Matrix. We don't log user activitiy and don't track users for any commercial purpose.

We do analyse the performance of the platform, and we may encounter sensitive data during operational activities (just like any other platform). If you are really sensitive about your data it is still up to you to educate yourself and take steps to limit exposure.

We maintain a fair usage policy where every user is allowed to use more or less the same as every other users, in relation to the total available capacity. Thresholds may change over time.

While we do not actively montior user activity, this does not mean this platform is a free-for-all. We do not allow illegal or unethical behavior and if you think that someone is abusing or platform, please reach out to us as soon as possible.